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What is ESSENTIAL to EVERY business operation? (including yours)

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What is ESSENTIAL to EVERY business operation? (including yours)

What is Essential to EVERY business operation? (including yours) …, security, technology, marketing, finance department….?

POWER (the supply of energy) - Whether a large corporate office, factory, government installation or an office at home- EVERY business requires Power in some form or another.

Just think how your business would operate without POWER:
No lighting
No heating / cooling
No ventilation
No power sockets – for charging mobile phones, laptops……
No lifts or escalators
No technology – desktop equipment, computers, monitors, datacentre servers, security systems……
No communications – telephone, email, internet
The list is endless…………..

Imagine: without POWER you would be left with a dark, cold, uninhabitable building shell, filled with millions of pounds worth of ‘useless’ assets and this would subsequently lead to major business disruption, causing financial and reputational loss.

In the UK we take stable power for granted, but due to the global technology boom over the last few years demand for power throughout the world has increased at an incredible rate and it will continue to grow.
This increase can be directly linked in part to the mass sales of personal handheld electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets and associated data storage facilities in both developed AND developing countries.
The spare capacity available from existing power stations is dwindling fast and some countries are ever more reliant on importing energy from their neighbours which equates to uncontrollable increases in energy costs.

As a smart business you should not only be looking at energy saving schemes to reduce your power consumption and therefore energy bills, BUT more importantly review the suitability of the power infrastructure which supports your premises and, as we have highlighted, ultimately supports your business.

Here at Whiston Solutions we can work with you to assess how suitable and robust your current infrastructure is and provide solutions, if necessary, to ensure your business continues to operate well into the future.