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Has your project been overviewed properly? At Whiston Solutions, we believe that it’s a critical service and shouldn’t be left out.


Why Overviewing

Overviewing mainly focuses on ascertaining the essential steps needed for an organisation to achieve its project goals (strategic or tactical). An overviewer drafts a roadmap that includes changes/ improvements to the structures, strategies, processes, policies, and information systems.

Project overviewing defines the process gaps, bottle-necks and inadequacies, and delivers the hooks for making a business case.


Overviewing Leads To Better and Informed Decisions

Building projects can be complicated. Companies need to make careful and informed decisions. It is all about managing time and resources and ensuring that quality is not lost in the bid to complete the projects on time. Project decisions, in general, revolve around issue control and risk mitigation.

From our experience, we have seen that some projects run into trouble because of poor project planning and lack of overviewing. Project issues need to be reported on time; status should be tracked and change control should be ensured. Failure to take important decisions promptly can delay the projects. All this can be well managed with proper analysis.


Why is Overviewing Needed From Start

Effective project overviewing requires the identification of associated risks. This has to be done early in the planning phases. A project overviewer can identify these risks and decide what action should be taken if a risk occurs and becomes a serious issue.

As project overviewers, we coordinate with different sectors to make your vision a reality. We bring together a variety of experienced industry professionals and leverage their capability to aid your project in the best way. This is done by effectively applying their valuable knowledge acquired over the years. Working with experts like us has its benefits. We have invested countless hours in their field. This can save your time and money.


Coordination Matters

Lack of coordination decreases productivity and complicates the processes unnecessarily. This results in delayed completion of projects. An organisation has to integrate their processes and create accountability in order to harmonise the entire efforts of their team. By implementing this strategy, the organisation can create coordination between employees belonging to various departments. Of course, this requires them to be able to recognise the first symptoms of lack of coordination. Overviewing comes in handy in this area. It helps them prevent further damage and speed up coordination enforcement.

If there is no coordination between various departments of the organisation, it will result in redundancy. Control measures should be implemented to reduce redundancies. This way, the organisation can improve coordination between their departments and decrease expenses. This is one of the crucial areas where overviewing helps.

An organisation that does not support innovation and coordinated efforts, will eventually become stagnant. They will find it difficult to compete with other organisations that have adopted a coordinated effort. Lack of flexibility may also freeze projects that have the potential to be productive.

By properly overviewing projects, an organisation can prevent delays and coordination problems, while increasing the satisfaction of their clients and boosting the credibility of their projects.

At Whiston Solutions, we overview projects using our extensive cross-sector knowledge. We act like the glue that brings together individual project details. We ensure that all project members are informed and aim for the same end point.


The Role of Communication

“Alignment” is all about keeping everyone informed and you need a clear vision to give your team direction and inspiration.

A project overviewer can reduce miscommunication and ensure that the project is progressing properly. Information has to flow in the right direction for communication to be effective. Lack of communication affects the progress of the project. If you want your projects to progress at the right pace, you need to ensure that communication is effective. Successful project overviewers greatly promote good communication skills. They are also able to handle issues effectively and promptly. They are good listeners and capable of building harmony amongst their team members.


Effective Overviewing – The Bottom Line

Many projects run into trouble because the people in charge can’t make informed decisions due to lack of technical knowledge. This results in the wastage of time and resources. We ensure that the project runs smoothly and is cost-effective. We become involved in the project right from the concept stage to delivery. This involvement allows us to provide consistency throughout.

Experienced project overviewers like us can play an important role in the timely completion of the project. 

Many clients treat overviewing as another cost. This is a misconception. They don’t realise that it is an asset. Overviewing definitely doesn’t cost a lot and the client can save a lot of money by preventing potential project deviations.

Whiston Solutions has a professional project overviewing team that boasts of years of experience in all sectors of the construction industry. We always keep ourselves abreast of the modern technology. We have adopted digital integration and work with the objective of constructing smart buildings.