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MIPIM – Congregation of Global Property Marketers

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Paul Whiston at the MIPIM

MIPIM – Congregation of Global Property Marketers

MIPIM, one of the most influential property markets in the world, brings together the biggest players in the international property sector. It provides unparalleled access to the sources of capital and development projects across the world. 

MIPIM attracts professionals who are eager to close profitable deals in the international property market. These include developers, investors, occupiers, hotel groups, corporate end users, business service providers, and agents.

This year, the show was held between March 10 and March 13 in Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France. It attracted more than 21,000 highly influential players in the international real estate industry looking to showcase their projects, build partnerships, and gain market insight. As many as 2400 companies from around 89 countries exhibited their projects at the trade show. 

A property show for both investors and developers

The MIPIM 2015 has confirmed its status as a premier real estate market catering to the investors looking for attractive projects. While the MIPIM 2014 sent out a message that the real estate market is back from recession, this year the attendees were more interested in exploring ways to take advantage of the reviving market. And after years of recession, the options now seem endless. 

The team from Whiston Solutions was also there at the trade show to network with our existing clients and colleagues and to make fresh contacts with notable industry experts. 

Aura of the event

This year there were several newcomers at the MIPIM scene and they included young team members and seasoned players. 

The environment of the convention was relaxed but also reflected the aura of intense networking. People were open and enthusiastic, and easily networkable. This allowed the attendees to develop better relationships with the people they met. While last year, people were heard talking about future projects, this year they were talking about projects that have already been launched. 

Digital is the new buzzword

Digital was the buzzword at MIPIM but that isn’t surprising. New technologies have made the market more dynamic and have also led to the faster realisation of new projects. Digital innovation is an enabling tool that improves the way business is done. Digital tools allow business process to be simpler, which means easier processes and faster outcomes.

This trend was visible throughout the event. The conferences and exhibition stands beamed with technology. There were digital property marketplaces, virtual reality, and online leasing. They all illustrated the fact that technology is speeding up the way we do business. With the help of virtual reality, clients can see the outcome even before the project commences. 

International companies take notice

Real Estate companies have realised that this is an important event that can bring value to their business. It gives them an opportunity to see what other players are doing in this sector. Technology also offers them several ways to measure and compare their progress.

The trade show provides ample opportunities for networking and learning. The attendees can learn more about the new technologies and trends. They can talk to investors and find new ways to fund and finance projects. In fact, attending the event is a bit like communicating with the entire supply chain that includes investors, designers, developers, and end users. 

There was something for everyone


- Investors could find new projects and properties to invest in.

- They could meet their peers and co-investors.

- They got to study the market conditions. 

Cities & Local Authorities

- For cities and local authorities, the trade show was an opportunity to promote their city in front of a global audience.

- They could discuss their urban development strategies and network with future partners. 

Service Providers

- Service providers found new premises.

- They got an opportunity to share emerging solutions for effectively managing assets and projects. 

Business Services

- The show offered business services a platform where they could showcase their expertise in front of professionals.

- They also received great opportunities to expand their network. 


- For developers, the event gave an opportunity to showcase their projects in front of international buyers and connect with potential partners. 

What we gained from the show

By networking with new and existing contacts, Whiston Solutions managed to find new collaborative opportunities. As most of the attendees we met at the show were decision makers, we could pitch to the right people. In addition, we had an opportunity to promote our projects and services and gain insight into industry trends. All in all, it was a pleasant and educational experience and we came back with extended international reach.