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As markets show positive signs of change – Who has the expertise?

Industry Developments

As markets show positive signs of change – Who has the expertise?

Great news, at long last there is increased investor confidence across the majority of market sectors and the ‘project’ flood gates are beginning to open. 

But this financial good news also raises a CRUCIAL question …

“Is there enough talent and expertise to deliver these projects with quality and longevity or are we set for a period of mass mediocrity in which we succumb to a sub-standard mindset ?”

In reality there is no quick fix, or even short-midterm sustainable solution to address this expertise shortfall. Unfortunately it appears decades of ‘strategy’ change across the UK education policy and reduced business incentives, combined with the loss of experience personnel through the recent trends of outsourcing and downsizing, have resulted in a critical shortfall of ‘applied know how’.

This very significant fact is about to catch out a lot of clients and the uninformed will ultimately endure adverse consequences to their business.

One thing is for certain – the next couple of years will be a very interesting period…  but also exciting if your company has anticipated, is prepared - able to react and embrace this impending project flood.