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Climate Positive Datacentre, Sweden

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glued laminated timber (Glulam) construction

Climate Positive Datacentre, Sweden

I was recently invited to visit the operational EcoDataCenter located in Falun, Sweden (a former copper producing town)

An innovative designed, built and operated datacentre which minimises the carbon footprint and impact on the environment, whilst also benefiting the population of the town through waste heat. – Climate positive.

The datacentre infrastructure is designed to reduce the PUE to a minimum using the latest UPS and cooling technology whilst benefiting from external ambient for the majority of the year.

The datacentre halls are constructed using the local resource, timber. The buildings frame, walls & roof use glued laminated timber (Glulam) which is a sustainable natural resource and has better fire resistance and insulation properties than a steel structure. The speed of construction / assembly is incredible.

Power is sourced from the abundance of ‘green’ Hydro / wind turbine.

Local climate conditions allow the use of adiabatic free coolers.

UPS battery banks use lithium ion batteries.

Backup power and cooling, diesel generators and turbocor chillers, are on hand if required.

Multiple fiber paths are available to providers of dark fiber connectivity.

Physically secure and monitored facility.

Datacentre Waste Heat rejected from the server halls is reused and distributed in two smart ways:

  1. The local citizens benefit, via a connection from the datacentre into the towns existing district heating system.
  2. The adjacent wood pellet factory benefits via a connection from the datacentre into its pellet heating process.

This situation allows for a climate positive impact in the area reducing the oil and LPG gas that would otherwise be used in the towns district heating and pellet factory manufacturing process.

I was very impressed with the location selection which maximise the whole cycle of the datacentre operation, beneficial to both the local community and environment. With the advancement of technology, datacentre site selection should be more than just about the data.