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BIM - Building Information Modeling

Industry Developments

BIM - Building Information Modeling

Whiston Solutions are currently tracking with interest the developments of the ‘new’ BIM craze within the Real Estate industry.
Using our own in house expertise, we know that BIM will not be suitable for all clients, indeed the industry needs to be made aware that BIM is a concept that has been around for decades and not just a new ‘one size fits all’ commodity item.

Whiston Solutions new director Edward Boateng’s view is:
“We have carried out extensive research into the various BIM packages available in the market place today, using our client experience we quickly established that each client ‘wanted’ different outputs from BIM. By fully understanding our clients working models and methods we are able to advise on the best bespoke solution for each. Our aim is to add value through cost efficiencies with increased coordination of multidisciplinary data and improved production due to easy retrieval of information. Digital construction and maintenance is here to stay.”