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Whiston Solutions Sponsors LNK Event during London Tech Week

Paul Whiston with cardboard virtual reality goggles

Whiston Solutions Sponsors LNK Event during London Tech Week

There is no other city in the world as famous as London for its combination of big thinking, immense appetite for risk, political and financial support, and sheer talent in relation to technology and it has long been considered a global leader.
Did you know that London serves as base camp for over 155,600 digital technology experts? These creative scientists, artists, analysts, and programmers work with thriving companies dedicated to fin-tech, video games, ad-tech, med-tech, or fashion-tech. For individual innovators and entrepreneurs, London offers a supportive, enabling ecosystem. There are more than 70 co-working spaces, like incubators and accelerators for those who like to work in a more independent style. 

London Technology Week celebrates this unique and ambitious nature of the London technology industry. In 2014, the very first London Technology Week attracted over 40,000 people from more than 40 countries. This year, London Tech 2015 had to be extended to the weekend, with weekday interactions focused on technology for business growth and innovation, while weekend events allowed social, cultural, and consumer interactions. 
From the 15th to the 21st of June this year, technology experts and innovators from around the world flocked to London for the London Tech 2015, the largest gathering of tech events in Europe. London Technology Week 2015 was an ode to everything technology, with events being held in venues across the city for thousands of attendees. 

During this seven day celebration, hundreds of events took place – from workshops and seminars to scintillating face-to-face investment meetings, pitching championships, and even hackathons. The themes for London Technology Week 2015 were Diversity, Innovation & Growth, Investment & funding, Coming to London & Going Global, Social impact and Talent & Education. Local and global tech specialists and innovators pitched their products to enthusiasts and investors to pitch their product, with a focus on wearables, gaming, IT, and the evolving role of tech in the fields of sport, science, education, music, and fashion. 
The event ambassadors for London Technology Week 2015 are global thinkers and influencers coming from diverse industries like social media, construction, city planning, banking and finance, and more. Some come with the point of view of a startup; some represent investors and advisors; many are here from an academic or business background – but all are deeply interested in the impact of technology on our world and our lives. 

Whiston Solutions had recently moved from being a pure engineering service provider to a more elaborated business consultant role. We are a highly specialised team, handpicked for our ability to provide practical integrated solutions within the built environment that integrate architecture, engineering and IT infrastructure. Our presence at the London Technology Week 2015 has been largely focused on big data analytics, breakfast seminars, smart cities, and the internet of things. 
We’re also enthusiastic about social and community development, and are part of multiple initiatives like Develop Croydon, a private sector effort to promote development and economic renewal in Croydon. Therefore, we were especially interested in the LNK Tech Upcycling Cardboard event arranged by the Lives Not Knives organisation. We’ve long supported this local charity that works with at-risk youth to spread awareness about knife crime, and the event bringing together tech and repurposed cardboard, was one that excited us. 
Their idea was to replace the expensive materials used in high-tech applications with recycled cardboard. They created a cardboard cinema and cardboard projectors, arranged zombie gaming events, organised a 3D ScanBot Virtual Reality Zone where onlookers enjoyed making 3D scans of themselves, as well as a Projector Maker Zone. However, for Whiston Solutions, possibly the most interesting part was the Google virtual reality goggles sent by Google, and displayed for the first time outside the USA. We also had a very interesting interaction with the Google developers in attendance, discussing the possibilities for the integration of technology in the field of construction. With the latest and most innovative technology, the construction industry can develop new methods to develop designs and engineering solutions.
The event was a productive, educational and fun way for young people to interact with tech through simple, everyday materials, and create a high-tech result. One of the most important takeaways is the possibilities of creating something of great efficiency, out of an easily accessible material. The idea fits in with our identity as a modern, future-focused company, and as official sponsors, we were proud to be a part of this open community event. 
The event also gave youngsters the opportunity to practically interact with technology, giving both awareness and engaging their minds – from these workshops and events will emerge the skilled workforce of the future.