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Whiston Solutions secure 3 year licence to operate the ‘Digital Leaders South East’ programme


Whiston Solutions secure 3 year licence to operate the ‘Digital Leaders South East’ programme

Digital Leaders Programme and its Impact on the Adoption of Digital Technology

While working on the digital transformation strategies at Whiston Solutions, we discovered that sustainable progress depends upon the culture and structure of the digital team within an organisation. 

Organisations all over the world are starting to realise the importance of going digital. Needless to say, they are investing heavily in digital tools and technologies. 

Why Is Digital Transformation Crucial?

The world has gone digital. Companies that want to improve their performance radically have to adopt digital tools and technologies on a massive scale. When we say digital transformation we are referring to this adoption of digital technology. 

"I can't think of any industry sector or company which is insusceptible to Digital Transformation." - Andrew McAfee, MIT

"People have a tendency to overrate technology in the short term, and underrate it in the long term." - Bill Gates, Microsoft

Digital transformation has a greater impact on some industries than on others. However, in all industries, the ‘digitally transformed’ outperform their competitors. 

The digerati are people well-versed in digital technologies. They also invest heavily in transformation management elements. This allows them to outperform their rivals. 

The Forces That Drive Digital Transformation

Right now there is a great deal of hype surrounding cognitive computing, smart machines and Internet of Things. All of these technologies are going to transform our lives in more ways than we can think of. 

How Organisations Get Smitten By The Power And Potential Of Digital

Even organisations that were sceptical of the potential of digital, adopted it recently. Take, for instance, the case of Burberry. At some point they believed that digital had no role in fashion, but today they manage their brand through a portfolio of various digital technologies. And they are reaping rich rewards. Digital transformation enables centralised management. It increases productivity and saves time and money.

Still, we look at the transformative potential and opportunities of digital technologies as a distinct policy area that should be implemented in isolation. We think of digital as a separate entity. However, in reality, digital information, infrastructure and skills have become universal. They encompass all aspects of our lives. Today, the digital is an essential component of the economic, social and political systems of our society. In other words, digital transformation has long ceased to be a niche discipline supported by technology experts. Over the years, it has become a core function of civil society, industry and governance. Still, businesses and policy makers continue to overlook this reality.

Digital Leaders Programme – The Way Ahead

The Digital Leaders programme is a non-biased, independent and non-lobbying resource network for organisations and individuals in the UK that are committed to offering innovative and sustainable digital transformation.

Digital Leaders does not mandate specific processes or technologies. Rather it synthesizes and promotes good practice and expertise about technologies that work based on inputs provided by stakeholders from various backgrounds, disciplines and industrial sectors.

Joining Hands with The Digital Leaders Programme

Whiston Solutions are proud of our association with the Digital Leaders South East programme, which adopts emerging technologies in the world where we live and work. The DL programme resonates with our ethos, encourages collaborative innovation and promotes best practices. It focuses on the importance of collaborative thinking which benefits the society and the economy as a whole. 

We got this opportunity because of our continuous association with technology and engineering companies trying to bring about a revolution in the real world with the help of technology. 

We came to know about the DL programme through some mutual contacts who thought that Whiston Solutions are the right organisation to lead this campaign from the forefront. 

Whiston Solutions cover South East England where it holds regular meetings with representatives of local and central governments, SMEs, private sector and academia. We discuss the best ways of integrating digital technology in our day-to-day life. Whiston Solutions will be sponsoring events for the DL programme for the next three years. 

Digital Leaders is all about sharing and synthesising best practices and expertise about technologies that work. It is a not-for-profit organisation that works with the objective of keeping everybody abreast of the latest developments and innovations in digital technology. 


The digital field witnesses various innovations on a regular basis. When we integrate digital technology into the basic infrastructure of our institutions, we may enter a more productive and stable phase. 

In order to continue the upward movement in staff development and resources, digital leaders have to focus on impact. The shine will inevitably wear off digital growth and then it will be crucial for digital leaders to demonstrate the potential of digital transformation.