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Whiston Solutions at the Annual Digital Leaders 100 Awards Dinner

Whiston Solutions at the Annual Digital Leaders 100 Awards Dinner

Whiston Solutions at the Annual Digital Leaders 100 Awards Dinner

Digital superstars from across the United Kingdom’s public and private sector convened at the Annual Digital Leaders 100 Awards Dinner this year. Whiston Solutions, as a supporter for Digital Leaders 100 Awards Dinner, hosted a table for a number of clients and collaborators at the occasion, and spent an enjoyable evening in the company of some of the brightest minds in the digital space in London.

The gala dinner was a black tie event, hosted at the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane on the 25th of June, 2015. The glittering evening included a champagne reception, three courses of sit-down fine dining, as well as live music, entertainment, and industry speakers. An entertaining speech given by Mike Bracken, the Exec Director Digital and Chief Data Officer for the UK Government was one of the highlights of the evening. The Hilton Hotel, having welcomed kings and queens through its doors in the past, was a fitting venue for some of London’s digital stars. 

It is now more important than ever before that large authority, such as the government, social legislation, civil administrators, industries, and other bodies are enabled to keep up with the digital evolutions in their spaces. Digital Leaders believes that with a massive cross-sector strategy that leverages new technology, senior decision-makers will be able to build a more efficient and effective society. 

With a growing network of experienced and innovative members that is now over 27,000 members, Digital Leaders possesses a vast repertoire of expertise. The community is fast approaching the critical mass required to make extensive changes through the collective experiences of those in different fields. 

The Digital Leaders programme is a mix of real world and online events at which members can meet and exchange knowledge and ideas. Apart from experienced members from different fields, the programme also hosts Digital Leaders Local in 9 regions across the United Kingdom to find new talent. The annual calendar runs to over 100 events now, all of which are free to attend, in accordance with the programme’s policy of inclusive knowledge-sharing. 

The Digital Leaders programme does not have political, geographical, commercial, or gender biases. The mission is simply to find the best practices and most current digital and technological talent. A panel comprised of eminent members from the different sectors decides upon the topics to receive priority, although the programme also considers the output from the various events of the year.   

The Digital Leaders programme chooses to maintain an independent agenda, unaligned to any business or commercial group, or technological perspectives, and therefore is funded by partners carefully selected from the private sector. This is why Whiston Solutions decided to become the Digital Leaders South East England partner earlier this year.

This year’s awards dinner was attended by 600 guests from the public and private sector, as well as the non-profit sector. The candidate list for 2015 garnered almost 80,000 votes online, and was a huge success. The prestigious DL100 Editor’s Award was also given to Lloyds Banking Group. The keynote address was given by Ms Rachel Neaman, Chair of Digital Leaders and CEO of GO On UK. 

Whiston Solutions has recently moved from a pure engineering services provider to a more business consultant role. We are a highly specialized team, handpicked for our ability to provide practical integrated real estate solutions that also integrates architecture, technology systems and costing. We’re also enthusiastic about social and community development, and are part of multiple initiatives like Develop Croydon, a private sector effort to promote development and economic renewal in Croydon. 

One of our most recent public appearances, prior to the Digital Leaders Dinner, was our presence at the exciting London Technology Week 2015. The event, the largest gathering of tech events in Europe, was held from the 15th-21st of June, and Whiston Solutions was privileged to be there to discuss big data analytics, smart cities, and the internet of things.