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MIPIM – Yet Another Chance to Collaborate with People from All over the World

MIPIM 2016

MIPIM – Yet Another Chance to Collaborate with People from All over the World

The MIPIM Awards were created in 1991 to honour the most accomplished and outstanding projects of the year, all around the world. It’s a world-famous real estate award competition, and the latest event was held in Cannes.

MIPIM Awards offer real estate professionals to promote their projects and showcase their talent to the real estate market of the entire world.

Held from 15 to 18 March 2016, it brought together some of the most dominant players from various property sectors, such as residential, office, healthcare, retail, industrial, logistics, and sport. With such a wide array of real estate sectors, the attendees got to gain insights into several development projects throughout the world.


MIPIM 2016 – The Highlights

We attended MIPIM last year in 2015 and discovered new opportunities. It was a chance to promote our services and products, making it an educational and pleasant experience. We were keen on attending the event this year as well, so we made sure to book our presence.

We were ready to showcase our opportunities to a wider investment market. Just like us, many other businesses were glad to have a platform where they could communicate their visions, long term ambitions, and the challenges they face.

Cannes is the perfect place for MIPIM with its global reputation and sunny days of March. This year though the weather changed in the middle of the week with heavy downpour. It was an unexpected shower but to our delight the environment became more pleasant with it.


Upsurge in Popularity

One difference that we saw this year was more suppliers and manufacturers, which meant that MIPIM was gaining fame. There were many newcomers to the event, which promised a better future for the real estate sector, and a new confidence among us.

With the return of confidence in the real estate market, investors want to seek out newer and better opportunities, and the best place to do that was in Cannes, where the leaders in the property market came from Europe and the rest of the world.

The event had a lot of learning opportunities and we had a chance to explore the latest trends and capital flows in the real estate market.

Visitors of the event were introduced to innovative buildings from Asia, Europe, and Middle East. Ecologically friendly housing was one of the topics discussed at the event, with the key focus being on solar and wind energy. The digital revolution was also one of the main topics covered in MIPIM.


New Connections and New Hopes

Our digital transformation work over the past 12 months opened up a new stream of contacts at MIPIM. We have been innovating in our field for several years, which attracted new contacts and we got to expand our network there, which would have been difficult back in the UK. In Cannes, France, we got to meet several real estate leaders from all over Europe, which didn’t just help us enlarge our existing business links, but also created new professional opportunities.

Our team was busy meeting our key clients at the Palais, on the beach, aboard yachts, and in the hills surrounding Cannes. With so many meet-ups and collaborations, we can safely say that the event was a huge success. We listened to many people over the period of four days. By interacting with them, we were able to gain further insights into the present industry and also predicted the direction for the next 12 months.


MIPIM - Globally Loved and Appreciated

At MIPIM, almost one million business cards were exchanged in a period of four days. It is the most popular global event in the real estate market, and attracted over 22,000 individuals and companies from with the world over. There were some amazing projects this year, and invitees had the chance to witness and appreciate the creativity of several designers.

We met several businesses who were interested in our digitally organised services, and the networking event proved to be beneficial in many ways. We have started working for several firms and hope that we continue long term work relations with them.


Learning is the Best Part

MIPIM for us is very much about face time, getting to know people, gathering a range of market trends and, generally soaking up the data. It is not just a lead-finding event, but also an eye-opener about the technological innovations that are being carried out across the world. With this new knowledge, we are able to upgrade our resources to match the global standards.

The hardest part of MIPIM was our return to the UK (French air traffic control permitting) to digest and process all the vast information gathered. It was a great experience, just like last year. We are very excited to collaborate with new people we met at MIPIM and use the knowledge that we have gained during the four days.

Now, two months after MIPIM, we are providing services to new global contacts, and are hoping for long term work relations with them.