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Media – How It Affects Brand and Gives You More Credibility

Media – How It Affects Brand and Gives You More Credibility

Media – How It Affects Brand and Gives You More Credibility

As we move deeper into the digital age, it is impossible to create brand awareness if you don't have a great online presence. In the early days of marketing, the most important thing was the first meeting you had with the customer. Today, the way you present your business online has become more important.


Even in the construction industry, online branding is becoming more important than traditional methods of branding. The modern buyer is internet savvy. They look at your online presence as a stamp of your credibility. Increasing the reach of your online presence through social media is a great way to reach wider audiences.


We made a move towards digital media and were happy with the results. Proud of becoming a strong brand name, we wanted to share some media strategies to benefit others.


Traditional media vrs Modern Media

Traditional media was all about creating a message and sending it to people through print, broadcast, signage, or radio. It was essentially a one-way communication method that couldn't create engagement. You would send your message to your customers, but there was no way they could engage with you. Also, it did not support word of mouth promotion.


Modern media is different. It is digital and allows brands to connect with their customers and vice versa. With the advancement of technology, users now have access to social media that is much more accessible, cost effective, and dynamic way of promoting the brand. It lets you directly control what you put out there rather than going through a big media publisher. We ourselves have a presence on different social media channels and we actively connect with our followers. We also have membership to several online professional forums.


Video power

Digital media can take many forms, and one of the most common media formats is video. They say that if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. With such immense potential, there is no surprise that videos are becoming the latest source of expression. A video has the potential to say a lot in a small timeframe. For example, take a look at ‘Vines’. These are six second videos that convey a story. This kind of potential is not possible with other types of media.


With the help of digital media, you can portray the latest news instantaneously. With the right plugins and social media share buttons on your website, you can make one of your blog posts, deal, or news stories go viral.


With great power, comes great responsibility

You can be directly available to your audience, and whatever you post online becomes the word of your brand. With such huge potential, you need to carefully analyse before you post anything. There have been some incidents when the people sitting behind the screen posted a few not-so-careful words and the brand suffered as a result of that. It is certainly a double edged sword, but not very difficult to handle. Just evaluate before you post online, and it will take your brand forward.


Online noise

Digital media gives a chance to everyone to come online. Almost every brand is online and they all have something to say. In such a vast pool of information, your brand message could get lost. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you need to narrow down your target audience. Once you find the right audience for your message, make sure you communicate specifically to them.



Presenting your message to your audience in the right way depends a lot on the market you are in. It is essential to diversify the message. If you post only promotional content, the audience will lose interest. You need to choose its frequency and diversity correctly. Make sure you keep them entertained with the right videos related to your industry. A video will catch and retain their interest more than static words and pictures.


With online media, it becomes easy to identify your target market and segregate them into clear groups, and this is what we have done. We have identified our target audience and we communicate with them. You too can send specific messages to your audience groups instead of sending them out to everyone. This way, you can make sure your message is not lost in online noise.


Spending your marketing budget on a specific segment of the market that wants to purchase from you is the key to reaching your clients in an affordable way.


In a nutshell

With a specific, well planned, and sustainable media campaign, you can send out a message that your brand is credible and reliable. Creating your marketing message, distributing it through social media, and measuring its impact are not easy. That is why you need a media strategy.


Effective campaigning is all about achieving maximum impact with minimum effort. While designing a campaign, you need to consider the external factors that might change. You also need to find the most effective ways to reach your customer.


But don’t forget - All the media in the world won’t help if you lose focus on delivering your day to day core business.