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Independent Performance Auditing of Facilities Management (FM) Contracts

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Independent Performance Auditing of Facilities Management (FM) Contracts

Whiston Solutions are proud to formally announce their commitment to provide independent auditing of contractor performance, relating to facility management contracts.


We were recently approached, by one of our clients, to apply our expertise to carryout an independent contract performance audit on their FM contract, to identify if our client was receiving the service and delivery levels envisaged. We were appointed because Facilities Management (FM) contracts demand particular skill-sets to properly understand if the contract is performing as expected, and complying contractually.


With the increased trend in outsourcing, commissioning a regular independent contract performance audit may well be the only tangible control the client can exert.

This performance audit records ‘real time’ facts on how functions are being carried out according to contractual requirements and will look for success in the subject as well as identifying areas that need improving.

Typically our audit encompasses two parts: a) Services delivery and b) Management administration processes and procedures which support this service delivery. Using our extensive subject matter knowledge and understanding various historical pitfalls, we drive down into the fine micro detail to establish if true value and standards are being met or even exceeded.

Areas found to be of concern must be fully understood by further analysis and then addressed utilising an appropriate plan of corrective action.


Benefits of our new offering include:


  • We are wholly Independent and therefore there is no conflict of interest
  • Validate 3rd party supplier capabilities and resources
  • Performance auditing and monitoring
  • Technical auditing and contract compliance monitoring
  • Quality assurance auditing
  • Independent monthly report monitoring and historical tracking based on industry standards
  • Clear reporting metrics highlighting performance levels
  • Outsourcing gap analysis
  • Utilise intelligent bespoke benchmarking
  • Value add by reducing clients business and financial exposure / risk
  • Mutual benefits across clients departments  BCM (Business continuity management)  and  H&S (Health and Safety)
  • Develop meaningful SLA (Service Level Agreements) + Monitor KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Contract procurement advice and assistance